Mechanical Repairs & Full Service

You can have all your 4x4 or truck's maintenance and repair needs met at an affordable price at the Balijeep Workshop. Our technicians are trained by experienced high level mechanics and engineers and have at their disposal the latest range of diagnostic tools and equipment to ensure the job gets done right, the first and every time.

Scheduled Maintenance

You can check your vehicle's maintenance schedule with our staff, then call to book your next service appointment, and if it pleases you we can even pick up and deliver your vehicle to your home.

Major Repairs

Balijeep can do all your major repairs, from gearbox/transfer case, axle and differential repairs to full engine rebuilds. 

Steering & Suspension

Got steering problems?? Steering loose or wandering all over the road?  Here at Balijeep we can fix all your suspension and steering line issues.  After a visit to the Balijeep workshop you will be driving in a straight stable line with confidence again.  Our staff really understand driveline physics and can correct your drive angles with a minimum delay to your 4x4 enjoyment

Custom Fabrication & Modification

Balijeep can engineer custom Suspension, Lift Kits, Bumpers, Rock sliders, Side Steps & Rails, plus many other parts. You can have all your car or truck's maintenance and repair needs met at an affordable price through Balijeep Workshop mechanical services.... Read More

 Balijeep Mechanical Workshop

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