Balijeep Fun Buggies

The VW Beach Buggy is one of the most iconic fun ATV vehicles in the last 40 years, BaliJeep Beach Buggies allow you to enjoy the best the island has to offer with the feeling of absolute freedom

All of our Beach Buggies are street legal and can be driven anywhere on the Island. Balijeep Beach Buggies are all based on the VW chassis and engine with manual transmission and a custom steel body with and without roll bar.  At Balijeep you can rent one of our Beach Buggies or have your very own buggy custom built or if you already own one take advantage of Balijeep custom modifications and fabrication services.

Balijeep Badass Buggy

Ultimate Style and Excitement

If you're looking for the most fun way to get around Bali, you've come to the right place! Rent an open top Balijeep Beach Buggy and cruise around the island in ultimate style

BaliJeep provides some of the most talked-about outdoor adventures and unique events on Indonesia's beautiful paradise island Bali.

BaliJeep is a venture by Mr. Tony Sampano, a very successful businessman in his own right, Mr Tony runs a number of businesses in Asia and hase done for many years. In an effort to lift the quality of his family life and prepare for semi retirement at his home in Bali, Tony built BaliJeep 4x4

Balijeep Beach Buggy Balijeep Beach Buggy

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