• Jeep 4x4 Rentals


    Check out "Bumble Bee" she's a beauty. Bali Jeep have a comprehensive fleet of Jeep 4x4 vehicles for rent. All vehicles are fully restored and maintained to the highest standards. Choose your Jeep configuration, Soft tops, half doors, racks, insurance and much more

    Balijeep & Unique - "Bumble Bee"
  • Balijeep Big Bike Rentals


    Balijeep Big Bike Rentals have a range of larger bikes ranging from 400cc-800cc cruising bikes for you to enjoy a leisurely trip around the island, discover the local life of the Balinese people and the spectacular scenery of the island whilst cruising around on a Balijeep classic style motorcycle

    Balijeep Big Bike Rental
  • Jeep 4x4 Rentals


    Balijeep have a comprehensive fleet of Jeep 4x4 vehicles for rent. All vehicles are fully restored and maintained to the highest standards. Choose between, Open-top, Hard-top or Soft-top

    Balijeep & Unique 4x4 - "Rambo"
  • Jeep 4x4 Sales


    If you are looking to buy a top quality Jeep CJ you have come to the right place. Weather you want a jaw dropper or a truck to recondition/re-build yourself the staff at Bali Jeep surely can assist

    Jeep Vehicles Sales
  • Open Top Jeep Rentals


    The "Green Goblin" very popular for the lady drivers as it is low to the ground and easy to handle. Bali Jeep have a comprehensive fleet of Jeep vehicles for rent. All vehicles are fully restored and maintained to the highest standards.

    Balijeep & Unique 4x4 - "Green Goblin"
  • Custom Fabrication


    The staff here at Bali Jeep have many years of experience with Jeep 4x4 repairs, custom modification and manufacture, we use only the highest quality parts and materials. There is nothing we can not handle from full engine and transmission rebuilds to AC service

    Jeep Repairs & Customization
  • Jeep Owners Club & Forum


    If your a Jeep owner or just a big fan come join the Balijeep Club & Forum, we love to organise rallies and events for all to enjoy. Its always a great day out and perfect for meeting new friends

    Jeep Owners Club & Forum
  • Open Top Buggy Rentals


    Bali Jeep have some great convertable custom buggies for rent also. awesome fun for cruising around Bali

    Buggy Rental
  • Jeep Rentals

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    Bali Jeep have some great convertable custom buggies for rent also. awesome fun for cruising around Bali

    Jeep CJ7 Rental

Welcome to Balijeep 4x4, Indonesia's premier rental company

We’re in the business of building the most unique, sought after and loved custom classic Jeeps, buggies, big bikes and hot rods for you to enjoy, rent with or without a driver, you will have the most adventurous, unforgettable and enjoyable rockstar holiday in Bali in one of our beautiful vehicles. This is the best way to get around the island in legendary style.
All Balijeep vehicles come standard with double USB charge ports to keep your smartphone or Gopro cameras charged. They are all live satellite tracked giving you peace of mind. If you have any problem we know exactly where you are at all times
Come subscribe to our Youtube channel to keep up with everything going on at balijeep 4x4 Balijeep Youtube

Balijeep 4x4 rental is the most fun you can have in Bali, don't hire a little air-conditioned Asian made plastic box, rent a real American open-top Jeep 4x4 and experience the island the right way, with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair.

We’re in the business of building unique, unforgettable, adventure holidays in classic open top Jeeps.

Balijeep is the original, official, biggest, best and ONLY authorised genuine open top classic jeep rental company in Bali

Don't be fooled by fake and rip off tour and rental operators pretending to be affiliated with Balijeep 4x4, Balijeep 4x4 is the only company you want to be dealing with on your next holiday

Balijeep and Unique 4x4 is Indonesia's premiere Jeep 4x4 rental, repair and adventure business. If you're looking for the most fun and unforgettable way to get around Bali, you've come to the right place! Rent a 4 wheel drive from Balijeep and cruise around Bali in ultimate style and leisure. Balijeep supply Jeep 4x4 for self drive or chauffeured rental, guided tours and package holidays in many different configuration combinations including Open top, Hard top or soft top with full doors, half doors or even no doors. There are also optional extras such as Surfboard racks & bicycle racks for those that like to get physical and be adventurous.

Don't be fooled by imitation & copy-cat Bali Jeep tour, car rental and travel operators, we are the only, original, biggest and the best.

Pick-up & Delivery

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Hi, my name is Tony Sampano, my friends call me "Big Tone". My family and i are the founders of , and . We are crazy about our Jeeps and recreational vehicles and really love getting around Bali with top down and thought why not share this experience with our friends and guests, so we set about creating BALIJEEP and Unique 4x4, Rentals, Repairs, custom modifications and adventure tours, now you too can experience all this beautiful island has to offer in a classic American Open Top 4x4 or one of our other unique vehicles. The most fun you can have on wheels is right here at BALIJEEP and Unique 4x4 I invite you to come and try our services, I guarantee, you will remember it for many years to come.

Balijeep Marlboro Man

Discover and Experience

Balijeep provides some of the most talked-about outdoor adventures, holidays and unique events on Indonesia's beautiful paradise island Bali.

Discover the local life of the Balinese people and the spectacular scenery of the island whilst cruising around in a BaliJeep open top 4x4. Drive through small villages, stop to meet friendly locals, take a boat ride across a pristine mountain lake and taste the fresh flavour of organic produce at a local farm. Combining cultural touring with adventure, BaliJeep allows you to enjoy the best the island has to offer.

Our Services

Our team at Balijeep can also rebuild, repair or do custom modifications to your 4x4. Our new workshop in Bali, is world class and equipped with all the latest and greatest tools equipment and machinery
Be it rental of one of our Jeep 4x4 vehicles, big bikes, a pre arrange tour of the islands or any of our workshop services, you have come to the right place. Balijeep run a high quality business, nothing is over looked. All of our vehicles are serviced regularly and treated with the same love and attention as if they were our own personal vehicles.

  • First class reliable vehicles
  • VW Beach Buggy rental
  • 4WD Service Centre
  • Jeep Tours
  • 24Hr Roadside Assist
  • Off Road Lessons
  • Big Bike rental
  • Friendly Staff
  • English Speaking
  • Best Rates
  • Custom engineering
  • Manufacture & Modifications
  • 4x4 Repairs, Service & Maintenance
  • Greatest selection of tours and vehicles
  • Short & Medium Term Rental
  • Indonesia's MOST professional Rental Co.

Our Promise to You

You will come home from adventures, and perils, and discoveries every day with new experience and character, you will feel like you have started your life anew

  • Relaxed adventures
  • Fantastic memories
  • New thrills
  • First class services
  • Great work ethic
  • Big smiles

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Balijeep & Unique 4x4

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Jeep Rentals

Jeep Rentals
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Office: Voice only +62-361-907-2501
Workshop: WhatsApp only +62-8510-946-9898 or +62-8510-146-9899
Roadside Assist: WhatsApp only +62-878-6169-0299

Address: Jl. Bali Jeep Street, No.1 (Graha Parta Lestari) Padangsambian, Denpasar Barat, Bali, 80117, Indonesia.

Opening Hours
Office: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm,
Sat 8:30am-2:30pm
Workshop: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm
& Sat 8:30am-2:30pm
Roadside Assist: 24hrs


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